Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Dear students
I've just published your marks.
You can come and check the noticeboard (room 2) any time (8.30 a.m.-9 p.m.).
If you want me to show you your exam, come on the 29th (10.30, room 2).
See you soon!

Friday, 11 May 2018

NI2 "ready, steady, go"

Resultado de imaxes para exams
Sorry about yesterday! It was really hard for me to speak for 5 hours and had to stop for some hours!
I've prepared the following webpages to help you in your last-minute revision. Remember I gave you plenty of copies with their keys and that your workbook also offers you plenty of listening and grammar practice!

* revise your tenses: present perfect, present perfect continuous, simple past, past continous, past perfect, conditionals (zero, first, second, third), wishes, future perfect, future perfect continuous.
Once you've revised the grammar and activities we did in class, have a look at the following texts, and revise them all! that's "grammar-reading" training (key provided at the very end)

Revise what you studied throughout the course:

You've been given thousands of links in this blog but here are some more!
And remember to listen to REAL English: here are some podcasts:

You can here find lists of expressions you may want to use in interactions:
Have a look at the "Conversation and communicative strategies" section and the last part devoted to "discussions":

Thanks for everything this year. I've enjoyed our classes and I can see that you've all made great progress. Hope you'll pass your exams but what's more important, I hope you enjoyed learning English. I here send you a motivational speech by Steve Jobs. Enjoy it!
Learning is endless and needs to be creative! Here is a video from the short film "Alike".

NB1: "ready, steady, go!"

Resultado de imaxes para exams
Sorry to wish you luck online but I couldn't go to class yesterday!
I've prepared some material that can be useful to help you these days before the exam.

You can have a look at the following webpage and revise everything we've seen in class.

- present tenses (simple vs continuous):

- past tenses (regular and irregular verbs)

- there is/are/was/were:

- the imperative:

- can/could

- like/love +ing:

- making questions (theory and practice)

- going to:

- countable/uncountable:

- numbers while you listen and sing:
- numbers:
- the time:
revise it:
and some practice:
- giving directions:
- prepositions
- revise our vocabulary (New English File)

- easy dictations:
- choose the "short dictations":


There are plenty of situations (talking about your family, introducing yourself, greetings...). Choose the one you like, read the tapescript, listen and repeat. This will help you revise your vocabulary while you improve your listening and speaking skills :)
And you can here see the Practical English sessions (1 to 4)

Thank you very much for everything this year. I really enjoyed our classes.
I hope you discovered and liked English.
Learning is endless and needs to be creative! Here is a video from the short film "Alike".

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

NI2A (April 3rd-April 12th)

- mini-grammar: have something done
- the passive voice
active vs. passive
- it is said/she is believed...

Reading and Vocabulary: Crime and punishment

Conversation practice:
Listening and speaking: please, have a look at this webpage. Follow the instructions and improve both your listening and speaking:

Writing: opinion essay, p. 118 (due on April 17th)
Watch the following video and take notes:) There are some interesting ideas!

NB1A (April 3rd-April 10th)

- the past tense:
regular verbs
- the past tense: irregular verbs

- Dates:
- Past time expressions:
- Revise: seasons, numbers, the weather

Writing: A memorable night (due on April 17th)

- Dictation using the past: first it's normal speed, then you listen to that really slowly and you can write it down. Good luck!

- revise the practical English sections in your book
- Pronunciation: ed ending:

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

NI2 (March 12th-22nd)

- Modal verbs: a very thorough summary!!modal verbs (meanings and forms), practice
- Would rather vs. would prefer some practice
- Used to/get used to/be used to theory and activities

Writing: "Giving instructions"
Giving instructions
Read the following instructions and have a look at the samples below and hand in yours when we come back on the 3rd!

Rasining awareness: listening about grammar
Dictations & grammar: as you see...there are many things you can do! (the second "past habits" and the last two "giving advice" are a must!)
Easter listening story:

Reading: a new book!

NB1A (March 12th-22nd)

- unit 6B:  object-subject pronouns and possessive pronouns (I, me, my/mine)
Have a look at the chart
Typical errors and possession ('s)
more activities

- unit 6C: revise do vs. be: have a look at this video. This may help you:)
be and do (video with subtitles)
another video (be and do)

- unit 7A: was/were (simple past be, questions and negation)
Was were Quiz

Vocabulary & speaking:
- describe a person: descriptionsmore vocabulary

Listening and writing: dictations "April fool's day" , preferences  (to revise like/love + ing)

And..."meet a challenge":