Monday, 15 January 2018

NB1 A (Jan 8th-Jan 14th)

Practical English: 
Buying a coffee (pp. 26-27) Spot the mistake

Grammar: Whose? Possessive's

Video and song to learn possession

NI2A (our mock exam is coming...)

Hi there!
Are you ready?
Here are some exam samples. Go for the Intermedio 2 tasks: Exámenes de certificado
Remember Tuesday will be devoted to reading, listening and writing whereas the speaking will take place on Thursday this week:)

Monday, 8 January 2018

NB1A (T, Th, 9h30-11h30). HAPPY NEW YEAR:)

This is ANOTHER way to learn English and make progress!
Another New Year's Resolution!

- present simple
- making questions
- negation
- verb "to be"
- imperatives
- adjectives
- plurals
- this/these-that/those- the...

- days of the week, months
- countries and nationalities
- the time
- adjectives
- numbers
- jobs
- verbs

  • In writing

- personal profile
- description

  • Reading and Speaking:

- alphabet: click on the following video. First, listen to the letter, then to the sound!

 Hope you find it useful:)

NI2 A (T-Th, 12h-14h) HAPPY NEW YEAR

Do you know the expression "So far so good"? Let's put it into practice:)
That's another way to learn English and improve the different skills.

* Tenses: (theory and activities)
videos on tenses

* Vocabulary:
Units 1-3: some more practice

* Listening practice &  Dictation: (go for the intermediate ones:)

*Some interesting reading on New Year's Resolutions: Breaking news
* And just in case you want to watch it again:

Monday, 16 January 2017


Now you're ready to do this:
* Grammar:
- Present tenses (negation and questions) 
* Vocabulary:
listen and choose the correct time
* get better at listening and writing: try this!