Wednesday, 11 April 2018

NI2A (April 3rd-April 12th)

- mini-grammar: have something done
- the passive voice
active vs. passive
- it is said/she is believed...

Reading and Vocabulary: Crime and punishment

Conversation practice:
Listening and speaking: please, have a look at this webpage. Follow the instructions and improve both your listening and speaking:

Writing: opinion essay, p. 118 (due on April 17th)
Watch the following video and take notes:) There are some interesting ideas!

NB1A (April 3rd-April 10th)

- the past tense:
regular verbs
- the past tense: irregular verbs

- Dates:
- Past time expressions:
- Revise: seasons, numbers, the weather

Writing: A memorable night (due on April 17th)

- Dictation using the past: first it's normal speed, then you listen to that really slowly and you can write it down. Good luck!

- revise the practical English sections in your book
- Pronunciation: ed ending:

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

NI2 (March 12th-22nd)

- Modal verbs: a very thorough summary!!modal verbs (meanings and forms), practice
- Would rather vs. would prefer some practice
- Used to/get used to/be used to theory and activities

Writing: "Giving instructions"
Giving instructions
Read the following instructions and have a look at the samples below and hand in yours when we come back on the 3rd!

Rasining awareness: listening about grammar
Dictations & grammar: as you see...there are many things you can do! (the second "past habits" and the last two "giving advice" are a must!)
Easter listening story:

Reading: a new book!

NB1A (March 12th-22nd)

- unit 6B:  object-subject pronouns and possessive pronouns (I, me, my/mine)
Have a look at the chart
Typical errors and possession ('s)
more activities

- unit 6C: revise do vs. be: have a look at this video. This may help you:)
be and do (video with subtitles)
another video (be and do)

- unit 7A: was/were (simple past be, questions and negation)
Was were Quiz

Vocabulary & speaking:
- describe a person: descriptionsmore vocabulary

Listening and writing: dictations "April fool's day" , preferences  (to revise like/love + ing)

And..."meet a challenge":

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

NI2 (March 5th-11th)

- to infinitive vs. ing verbs: some more practice
- purpose vs. contrast clauses:

Vocabulary: Music vocabulary
A cloze reading activity: Music:


And for March 8th...some special reading!

Watch this video: International Women's day history
Watch and read this video: "Why women's day is celebrated?"

NB1 (March 5th-11th)

- present continuous/present simple: some more practice
- pronouns: subject vs. object

Listening: listen, answer the questions and then listen again and read the transcript
Describing people
First day at school
Introducing a friend
Getting an ID card


Speaking: at a clothes shop

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

NI2A (Working on your own, Feb 26th-March 2nd)

As you know, next week we won't have class. Some other students are taking the C1-level exam. can work on your own! Here's some help:)

Reading: p. 55 exerc. a-e + p. 59 exerc. a,b,d + mock exam (handout I gave you in class).
Grammar: handout "ing-to-infinitive": read the grammar and do the exercises.
Writing: Read our handout and p.116 (book) and write an article for a school magazine. Choose one of the titles below:
How to change the world.
How to become eco-friendly.

Listening and reading:
Watch the following video "Change the world in five minutes" video and do the following activities To check your answers, read the script)

Breaking News related to the Environment:
Choose 2 breaking news (level 3), listen to them, answer the questions and write a mini-summary to tell your partner in class.

P. 52-53: Talking about "waste".
Have a look at the speaking section: prepare your monologue.

And remember, on Wednesday, 28th at 7 p.m. we'll have a talk in English (David Sánchez, Climate Reality Project will tell us about the world! and on Thursday, 1st, at 11.30 a.m. you can watch a film in English (Spanish subtitles). Please join us!!