Thursday, 11 October 2007

3rd Yr Students- WEDNESDAY CLASS

  • CLASS:
- Grammar: Correct wh-words + Wh-questions p. 10 (unit 1B)
- Vocabulary & writing: Describe somebody: physical appearance (handout): adjectives + order of adjectives
- Phonetics: consonants
- Speaking: complete the story (p.10- unit 1B) in pairs (Student A p. 127-Student B, p.129)
- Workbook unit 1A and unit 1B
- Learn vocabulary: physical description (adjectives)
- Revise wh words:
- wh- quiz:
- Change the statements to questions using the question word in parenthesis. Check verb tense:

- Reading: I brought 6 graded readers (from lower intermediate to upper intermediate)! They're in our classroom library. You can take one, read it and then bring it back. If you have any at home, you can also bring it to the class so that other people can read it.

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