Thursday, 24 January 2008

1st yr- WEDNESDAY CLASS (Jan, 23rd)

- Correct prepositions in/at/on
- Finish unit 6C + adverbs of frequency
- Vocabulary: Food (handout)
- Watch and Listen: video on "a coffee shop"
- Speaking: Eating Habits (survey)
- Pronunciation: vowel sounds domino

- Revise prepositions (time/place)
- Workbook units 1-6C
- Book: p.55 unit 6D ex. 1 & 2 grammar.

Para saber más:
- Vocabulario de comida:
- Dates and Times & Listening:
- Revise vowel sounds:
- Adverbs:

VERY IMPORTANT: there is NO class on Monday! See you on Wednesday (Jan, 3oth)!

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