Friday, 23 January 2009

JANUARY 19th-23rd NI2C-NI2D

- Unit 3C
- Grammar:
* future perfect and future continuous (handout + speaking practice)
* Zero and first conditionals together with future time clauses: if, when, in case, unless, until... (handout)
- Listening: multiple choice unit 3C
- Reading: correct reading practice for the exam
- Writing: linkers: although, however, instead...
- Vocabulary: expressions with "take"
- Watch, listen and speak: Obama's inaugural address

- Unit 3C, p. 46 or 48? "Grammar: conditionals the first two sections" (a and b or 1 and 2...I don't have the book with me!(
- Reading practice for group 21: gapped text and cloze

Revise what you know: (conditionals)
Check what you watched in class: You can read the text as you listen and watch!

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