Monday, 23 February 2009

NI2 C; NI2 D - Feb, 19th

Class: On Thursday we saw:
- Conditionals
(Speaking activity "what would you do") + handout + p. 138 4A a) & b)
- Unit 4B:
Grammar (modal verbs: past deduction)
Listening practice
Speaking: men and women discussions

NI2C students only: on Friday we had a look at pronouncing difficult endings (plurals, past endings) (handout)

Homework for everybody (NI2C, NI2D):
- Grammar, p. 138, 4B (a) and b))
- Reading p. 57 (check the voc)

Over to you:
- Reading Practice for the exam (handout provided in class)
- Grammar: modals
(past deduction)

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