Friday, 6 February 2009

NI2 C; NI2 D - Feb, 2nd-6th

Unit 4A
Listening practice for the exam: note taking+ p. 55+ song "I will survive"
Reading practice: gapped text
Vocabulary: feelings and emotions, p. 53 + p.151+ handout on "idioms"
Grammar: unreal conditionals, p. 54 + handout

Remember next week we're having a mock exam:
- Tuesday, 10th: Reading and Listening
- Thursday, 12th: Writing
- Tuesday, 17th//Friday, 20th: Speaking (you'll have to sign in on Tuesday!)
On Thursday 12th, after the writing test, we'll check together exs a) and b) page 138, 4A (unreal conditionals)

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