Saturday, 24 October 2009

NA2 (Oct, 19th- 23rd)

- Reading p.
- Vocabulary: phrasal verbs (handout), collocations,
- Listening unit 1: tasks 1 & 2
- Speaking: comparing pictures (unit 1) & peer evaluation
- Writing unit 1 "formal vs. informal letters", ex. 1 to 5 included

- p. 13 ex. 6, 7,8,
- Writing task "formal/informal letter", ex. 6,7,8 + writing to hand in on Nov, 10th

Over 2 u:
- Reading: start reading The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini), edit. Bloomsbury (Fnac, Casa del Libro etc...)
- Watch videos on CNN and BBC (section "What's on?").

REMEMBER: I'll be on sick leave for a while but you'll have somebody else teaching you. Give the school a ring to know more about it. Have fun;)

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  1. Very interesting blog, I hope you know your students appreciate your interest. Congratulations on your idea. A hug. -Chilo-