Saturday, 30 January 2010

NI2 (Jan 25th-29th)

Listening practice: mock exam (fill in the gaps & Speakers)
Finish Unit 3A & start Unit 3B
Grammar: the passive voice, p.38 & p. 136 (3A part b) + handout
Vocabulary: the weather p. 150 ex. 2 + crossword (handout)
Reading: p. 40
Speaking: Guilty or non-guilty? + p. 41 ex. 5

Read your book "Of Mice and Men"
Vocabulary: p. 150 the whole file

Over 2 u:
- handout on passive voice "it is said" + passive voice with 2 objects
- unit 2 revision unit (I gave you the key!)
- Reading on Global warming effect

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