Wednesday, 23 February 2011

February 14th-19th

- Correct "have causative use" handout ex. 46-4
- Explain and correct Present perfect p. 85 + handout ex. 10.1
Listening: fill in the gaps: exam practice & multiple choice: p.83 & 87
Pronunciation: clusters and endings (handout)
Vocabulary: "come", p. 86 + "towns and villages" (vocabulary organizer) +p. 88
Speaking p. 88
Monologues: Sonia and Jose Luis, Manoly and Elena

Review unit 7 p.93-3 + linkers p.87

Over 2 U:
Have a look at the school magazine and help us create the front page. You can win 150€! (click on Novedades: Revista Digital)
Writing: conjunctions:

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