Monday, 14 March 2011

March 7th-March 11th

Grammar: the future (will have p.pple; will be ING; + other future forms) p. 96+handout
Listening: multiple matching and note-taking
Reading: cloze: Women's International Day
Speaking: tomorrow's world + 2 minute gender debates
Monologues: Miguel Angel & Cristina C. (NI2E); Diana, David and Santi (NI2D)

Reading p. 100-101
Writing: email (if you didn't hand it in)
Reading: new deadline for the book "The Curious Incident" (March 24th!!) There won't be any further extension!

Over 2 U:
The future: future perfect or future continuous?
Reading: have a go and choose "upper intermediate cloze" tests: you've got loads:

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