Wednesday, 12 October 2011

NI2D, NI2E, Oct 10th-15th (NEW!)

Unit 1.1.
Grammar: indirect questions, p. 8-9 `Language bank p.128
Vocabulary: personality (reading p. 9+ slide)
Listening: Speed flatmating events & Outdoor hobbies
Speaking: speedflatmating (p. 4)
Writing: informal emails (p.10)

Tuesday: grammar bank p. 128 theory and practice
If you are in group NI2D: you also need to do p. 148 vocabulary, ex on Personality
If you are in group NI2E: don't do the vocab ex. but please finish p. 10 How to write an email (ex. 10).
Thursday (everybody): writing an email, p. 10 ex 12A

Over 2 U:
Indirect questions:
- theory:
- practice:
Listening: visit the webpages on the right hand side of this blog

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