Monday, 8 October 2012

Welcome Nivel Intermedio 1!

Hi everyone!
I'm Sylvie and I'll be your English teacher this year. Welcome to our classes:)
Time: Tuesd, Thursd. 11h45-2p.m
Room: 2
Book: New English File Intermediate (Oxford, ISBN 978-0-19-451801-7)

First Day Tips:

Ø Start today!
Ø Handouts
Ø Homework: workbook + extra tasks (reading)
Ø computer lab+ listening class
Ø Swap seats!
Ø Vocabulary notebook
Ø Visit the library: Films & CDs
Ø 1/ month: Piece of writing
Ø Visit the following blog OVER 2 U:
Ø Any problem? You can e-mail me:

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