Wednesday, 5 December 2012

NI1 (Dec, 3rd-7th)

CLASS: finish unit 2A and start 2B
Grammar: correct present perfect /past simple handout
- start present perfect continuous p. 132 + ex. a) p. 133
Listening: p. 24
Speaking: Changing your life p. 24 + numbers p. 22 ex.6 c)
Pronunciation: Dictation and sentence stress p. 25

Grammar handout: Present perfect continuous
Can you give away 1 kilo/litre? If so, please bring it by Dec,19th.

Numbers, numbers, numbers (hope this helps:)
and an interactive video:

Grammar: (here only read the theory)

Remember: on Dec, 20th we'll celebrate Xmas at school! You can take part in our photography contest! You need to bring it by Dec, 17th! (size 15*20; topic: "Christmas?").

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