Friday, 15 March 2013

NI1 (March 11th-15th)

CLASS: finish 4C & 5A
Vocabulary: types of houses + word formation (p. 71)
Writing: Describing a flat/house p.65 + handout
Pronunciation: ough-augh words
Grammar: quantifiers (a lot, lots of, many, much, few, little, a few, a little) p. 138-139 + handout
Listening, p. 69 and 74 unit 5B
Reading and speaking: Slow Down movement p. 70-71

Grammar: handout ex 87.5 + 5A "quantifiers"
p. 73 ex. 1a : articles

Grammar: revise quantifiers few

Reading activities: "matching headings / paragraphs"
and tips:

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