Monday, 21 October 2013

NI1A (OCtober 2nd-20th)

CLASS: units 1A and 1B
  • Diagnostic tests: writing (introduce yourself+ listening+ reading +vocabulary and speaking)
  • Vocabulary: food and cooking
  • Pronunciation: to get started (sounds and letters+ the consonants)
  • Listening and speaking: p.4 and 6
  • Grammar: present tenses (handouts + p. 7 + p. 132)
  • Speaking ex. unit 1A + How much do you remember? (a party) + cards, vocabulary (food) cards...+ giving your opinion p. 7+ describe a picture
Optional writing: describe a photograph or a picture (a famous one!), 150 w. Deadline, Oct 24th
Everybody: p. 133 1B read the grammar and do ex. A and B

Present tenses:
Writing: recipes. HAve a look at Jamie Oliver's site
Pronunciation: have a look at this!

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