Tuesday, 1 April 2014

NI1A: Do not judge a book by its cover...

Have a look at the following webpages and think about the differences you find out. In what ways are British and American people similar? Do you feel there are stereotypes?


  1. It’s really hard to find out differences between British and American webpages because both are giving info about news in their countries. Contents are very similar (sections, accesibility...).
    But, if you have a look, you can notice that American webpage is more serious than British. It could be because of font. Its character is formal. Also, you can see the US flag or The White House logo on the main menu and this makes us think about an official and strict webpage every time.
    However, British webpage is more modern. It tries to catch the attention and interest of citizens. In addition, it looks like a blog. It doesn’t seem that strict.
    Both encourage the use of social networks in their webpages to try people will be informed.