Monday, 24 October 2016

NB1A (October: units 1A-1C)


Unit 1A-1C
  • Grammar: verb to be (affirmative, negative and interrogative) : fotocopias & Grammar in your book; p.124-125
  • Vocabulary: the days of the week, numbers 1-100 p.148; nationalities, p.149, Classroom language p. 150
  • Speaking: inroduce each other (presentaciones), Bingo,
  • Listening: song Friday I'm in Love (The CUre), You say Hello (The Beattles) + units 1A-1C
  • Pronunciation: the alphabet, letters and sounds, p. 8
Possessive adjectives p. 124 leer 1C
Revisar vocabulario de unidades 1A a 1C del libro

How do we pronounce the letters of the alphabet?
Revise your vocabulary:
And your grammar: units 1A-1C

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