Wednesday, 30 November 2016

NI2 (Unit 2 Over, Nov 30th)

Grammar: present perfect and continuous (how long vs. when) + adjectives as nouns/word order
Pronunciation: general introduction to consonant sounds (voiced vs. voiceless)
Listening/Reading: our dictation activity (read at home, record your voice and...dictate it to somebody else:)
Listen and watch: book +  the BBC TV documentary: Trading Ages + Short film La Luna: differences between the young and the elderly...
Vocabulary: health, age, adjectives, clothes and fashion 
Writing: advertisements (describing clothes, p. 21+ writing an informal letter: p. 113)  
- Dec 13th: Christmas card (visit the EOI Webpage) Christmas activities
- Our padlet activity for unit 3

More grammar practice:
Some extra listening activities: choose a piece of news and listen! to 2/3 activities(2nd column): 

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