Monday, 27 October 2008

NI2C, NI2D, Thursday 23rd

- correct Grammar "auxiliary verbs" handout
- correct Pronunciation: sentence stress
- Unit 1C: speaking and vocabulary p. 12 & 147
- Role play: at the doctor's

- Grammar: p. 133 1A and 1B (Read the grammar rules and activities a) and b))
- Text: "A real page-turner" (handout given on Tuesday): fill in the gaps (ex. 3 & 4)

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  1. Hello Sylvie,

    I'm Carmen Monzó.

    I've a question: Do you know any webpage to practise the vocabulary about illnesses?

    I think it's a lot, and I need to practise more, because I forget it.


    See you later, I'm at work.