Wednesday, 22 October 2008

NI2C, NI2D Tuesday, 20th


- Correct vocabulary "personality": p. 146 + p. 9 nº2
- Unit 1B: reading and listening "psychics" p.10
- Grammar: comparison "the more you...the more...."
- Pronunciation: stress in words (p. ) and in sentences (handout)
- Listening: song "You've gotta be"

- Grammar: unit 1A, p. 133 ex. a and b
- Pronunciation: handout "fishing"

Over to u:
Comparative and superlative form:

On the doubt asked by NI2D students: "friendlier or more friendly?"
According to different grammars, we usually use +ER when we have a two-syllable adjective ending in "y": happy--> happier, busy--> busier.
Some adjectives accept both structures: This means that they can be used with -er and -est and with more and most: e.g. clever, gentle, friendly, quiet and simple. (you can check it here:
However, if you aren't sure about which structure is better or possible, stick to the usual pattern: + ER

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