Saturday, 28 March 2009

NI2C, NI2 D (March 23rd-27th)

- Unit 5B
* Grammar: "verbs+ing/to infinitive" & start "used to; get used to, be used to"
* Vocabulary: musical instruments
* Reading: p. 71 + handout "Saraswati-ji" (fill in the gaps)
* Speaking: verbs to infinitive/ing; p. 71-72

*Friday session:
Listening for the exam (note-taking and multiple choice)
Speaking: monologues in groups (practice with a recorder) + interaction with me (mock exam)

- Writing: correct your article if you haven't handed it in yet
- Grammar: p. 72 1c + p. 141 5B a) & b)

- Extra reading (handout) "Round the world, what's the rush?"
- Grammar revision:
- Reading and listening "Slumdog children in millionaire world"
- Come and meet "Saraswati-ji" next Monday (7 p.m. Salón de actos)
- There's a NEW section on the blog called "HAVE A WORD! (explained on the right-hand column). This means you can post your comments by clicking on "comment" just below.


  1. That's the first comment, just to see if that works! You can now do the same! (Sylvie)

  2. I would like to start this section sharing with you an extremely funny video with subtitles. It´s the last humouristic act of Jeff Duham and his puppet Achmed, the dead terrorist

    Also I have found an interesting piece of new in about a new material called “BIOCHAR” that could cut CO2 levels in the future. It could be a good idea for our speaking exam…

    See you!
    Israel Rubio NI2D

  3. Hi classmates !!! what´s up ????? :O

    I´ll send to u an interesting link, where you can get all information about how the exam is and how to get the first certificate.

    Also you can make quizes of this kind of examns,It´s further understood that every skill is included on it. I expect u´d have a look there !! Come on guys ! go for it!!

    Edelweiss NI2D