Friday, 3 April 2009

NI2C, NI2D (March 30th-April 2nd)

- Finish unit 5B
- Grammar: used to, get/be used to+ing (handout + p. 141)
- Speaking: p. 72, 74+ debate "How can we reduce crime in our society?"
- Listening practice for the exam: p. 75+note taking, multiple matching, & multiple choice
- Vocabulary: sleep, p. 74
- Reading, p. 73+ p.75+ cloze

- Formal vs. informal writing: handout provided
- Reading: word building "Get away with it" + gapped text "Fun..."
- Write a short story for the "III Semana del Libro" (see conditions @

- Reading & Cooking!
Easter recipes,1-0,easter_cooking,FF.html
Easter "watch&listen"
- Read and Listen:"Thousands March Ahead Of G20 Summit"
- Those are some videos related to our debate "how to reduce violence in our society":
- And related to "global warming effect":

REMEMBER: we come back on the 14th! Have fun;)

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