Friday, 17 April 2009

NI2C, NI2D, April 13th-17th

Correct: formal vs. informal writing & readings
Unit 5C
Writing: letters of complaint (handout)
Grammar: reported speech: handout + book, reading Unit 5C
Listening: song "viva la vida" (Coldplay) + Video (group NI2C)
Speaking: reported speech activities

- Writing p. 80 "letter of complaint" ex. a, b, c (in your books)
- Write a letter of complaint for Thursday (topic: on your handouts, or in unit 5C)
- Grammar: reported speech, handout ex. 5,6,8 (group NI2C)

Reported speech (the basis!)
Here's a great summary of formal tense shifts
And....Some practice:!
And "watch and listen": Susan Boyle & "Britain's got a talent"

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