Friday, 8 May 2009

NI2C, NI2D (May 4th-8th)

- Finish 6A and start unit 6B( pp.88-89)
- Grammar: determiners, countable and uncountable nouns
- Writing: job application letter
- listening: practice for the exam
- Vocabulary: towns and cities, p. 89 + p. 155
- Speaking: practice for the exam: dialogue and monologue (towns and cities, p. 91)

- Grammar p. 89 "countable/uncountable" + handout 6B
- Reading: cloze (handout)
- Get your "speaking instructions" ready

Over 2 u:
- Reading and listening: "Swine flu expected to rise"
- Grammar: determiners + countable/uncountable and the expression of Quantity

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