Friday, 25 March 2011

March 21st-25th

- Reading p. 106-107
- Vocabulary: Travelling / Holiday
- Writing: opinion essay p. 102-103
- Speaking: travelling (monologues and dialogue: exam practice) & pets (Speed-dating)
- Reading: p. 111 cloze test
- Listening: multiple choice (p.179), multiple matching (p. 185)
- Watch and listen to B1 level: what's our level of English?

- Group NI2E: reading p. 106-107
- Everybody: cloze test mock exam (handout): time yourselves (don't spend more than 20 mins!)
- Deadline for your opinion essay p. 103, ex. 5,6,7: March 31st

Over 2 U:
- Essay writing:

SPECIAL ISSUE: WATCHING The Curious Incident of the Dog...

Why are those sequences important to the story? How is Christopher portrayed?
What does this second video show?
What's this video about?
Pay attention to their English!
- Write a book review or use the sentences I gave you (handout) to write an opinion essay about the book.

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