Sunday, 21 October 2012

NB1 (OCt, 15th-19th)

CLASS: units 1B & 1C
Vocabulart: correct p. 150 Classroom language, nationalities "bingo", numbers 21-100 p.148
Speaking: phone numbers,
Grammar: correct handout verb to be, p. 125 1B, possessive adjectives p. 125 a)
Pronunciation and spelling: the alphabet, email addresses
Writing: a form, p. 111
Listening: unit 1B, 1C

Tuesday:grammar handout possessive adjectives read the rules and ex. 53.3 & 53.4
Thursday; writing p.111 Completing a form ex. d.

Listen to The Beatles:
Más sobre cómo pronunciar...
Possessive adjectives

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