Friday, 16 October 2015

NI1A: what we've done so far (Oct 16th)

Unit 1A: Mood food
Level test: listening, speaking, writing (introduction) and student profile and grammar revision (handout)
Grammar: present simple/present continuous, p. 132 ex. a + hadnout
Vocabulary: food (vocabulary maps, play with cards "guess my word")
Pronunciation: vowels (book + domino)
Listening and speaking: restaurants p. 6-7, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day
Reading: mood food

Tuesday: handout on present tenses

Over 2 U
-  This is what we saw in class...If you want to watch it again, here's the link and remember to sign the petition! here is all the info about the campaign
- Grammar: present tenses
- Vocabulary: food

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