Friday, 16 October 2015

NI2: what we've done so far (Oct 16th)

Unit 1A
- revision: tenses
- making questions: direct, indirect and subject questions (book, p. 132 + handout)
Reading: level test & pp. 5-8
Writing: my student profile & learn about job application letters (handout)
Listening and Speaking: Ask me a question (handout), Speed dating, Extreme interviews, Friends' chapter
Vocabulary: jobs
Pronunciation: rhythm (stressed/unstressed syllables, lexical-function words)

- Tuesday 20th: grammar handout ex. 49.1 and 50.2
- Tuesday 27th: hand in your second writing: Job application letter

Over 2 U
-  This is what we saw in class...If you want to watch it again, here's the link and remember to sign the petition! here is all the info about the campaign
Read the following job adverts and choose one! You can then write your job application letter!
- Grammar: questions:
let's revise direct and indirect questions
online practice

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