Monday, 9 November 2015

NI1A (November 5th): Unit 1 over!

Class: Unit 1A, Unit 1B
Grammar: the future: present continuous, going to, will
Vocabulary: colloquial English + personality (p.153, crosswords)
Speaking and Listening: Colloquial English, songs (Our House, Halloween)
Writing: p. 113: a description
Pronunciation: stress in words (domino)
Cultural activities: Halloween padlet, Video and songs

Tuesday, 10th: Money vocabulary: p.154
Thursday 12th: write a description (either a celebrity or a relative's)

Over 2 U
If you want to watch it again: video "Alma short film"
Watch and listen: The night before Xmas "This is Halloween"
More grammar practice: (you've got the theory and practice on the right!)
And here watch and listen to a mini-grammar class (will vs. going to)

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