Monday, 9 November 2015

NI2, November 5th) Unit 1 over!

Class: Unit 1A, Unit 1B + Practical English
Grammar: auxiliary verbs, question tags
Mini-grammar: the...the...(comparison)
Listening and speaking: you're a psychic, songs (Halloween, Unbelievable)
Vocabulary: compound adjectives, interviews, practical English "Talking about interviews"
Halloween stories: visit our padlet
Pronunciation: intonation in question tags and introduction to consonants (voiced vs. voiceless, + 10 sounds)
Writing: looking for a job (handout)

Tuesday, 10th: grammar 10.1, 10.2., 12.1 (handout) + p. 134b (unit 2A present perfect simple/continuous)
Vocabulary: Health, illnesses and injuries

Over 2 U
If you want to watch it again: video "Alma short film"
Watch and listen: The night before Xmas "This is Halloween"
More grammar practice:

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