Saturday, 9 April 2011

April, 4th-8th

(Sorry for the layout but I don't know what's wrong with the program these days:) Class: - Grammar: correct modal verbs (handout) - Reading: correct p. 112-3 - Writing: essays (for and against) - handout + p. 35 (book) - Start unit 10, Vocabulary: p. 122 + handout "Crime and punishment" - Listening: p. 123 + watch a video "White collar prisoners" - Speaking: p. 122 + "White collar prisoners" Homework: - Reading p. 126-127 ex. 3 - Writing: for and against essay (topic: Adult children living at home // Travelling round the world in your 20s) Over 2 U: Vocabulary: crime and punishment:


  1. Hola a todos,

    Me gustaría dejaros un link bastante bueno, en mi opinión, para la práctica de los listenings. A mi la verdad que me gusta bastante, espero que os sirva como a mi.

    un saludo,

    Luis V.

  2. English! (just kidding:) Thanks a lot for sharing:)